To Start, navigate to the "Schedule" using the side navigation or click the icon below.

Schedule A New Service

To add an appointment to the calendar, click the button in the top right of the calendar.

  • Select a Customer: Select a customer from the drop down list or begin typing their name to filter. Selecting the client will reveal additional options.

  • Choose a Pet(s): Select each pet that is receiving service by checking the box next to their name. Scout will automatically apply an additional pet fee for each pet selected. If you did not enable this feature during the initial set up, you can enable it now. Go to settings > Smart Charges.

  • Select Date and Time: Select a start date for the appointment by clicking on the date field and selecting a date from the pop out calendar. Select the time by entering it as a text string. To see how our time picker works, click here.

  • Recurring? (Optional): Pet owners and administrators can select to make a one time or recurring appointment. For more info about recurring appointment click here.

  • Choose a Staff Member: Select a staff member from the drop down list or begin typing their name to filter. Selecting the staff member will reveal additional options.

  • Select Add-ons: Select any add-on services for the appointment.

  • Review Surcharges: Review Smart Charges. Edit or remove any Smart Charges and/or add any additional custom surcharges you wish to apply to a customer's invoice.

  • Add any additional notes for the assigned staff member.

  • Save by clicking the button in the top right corner of the screen.

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