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How to add and edit customers in Scout

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To get started, select "Customers" in the left sidebar menu or click the icon below.

To add a new customer click the button in the top right corner of the application.

Customer Profile

To edit an existing customer profile, double click on an existing entry.

To update the customer profile, click the "Actions" button to expand the menu

From the menu select "Update Profile"

Enter all required * and relevant fields. When you're finished, click save in the upper right corner of the application.

Required Fields:

  • First Name,

  • Last Name,

  • Email Address

  • Physical Address, and

  • Phone Number

Keys, Lock Boxes and Account Notes

In the profile tab, click update in the top right of the account details window to update home entry instructions.ย 

  • If you enter both a key number and a lockbox code, the Staff Mobile Application will only display the lockbox code for the pet sitter and exclude the key info from the daily key list.

  • Account notes are only visible to administrators.

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