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How to Contact Us

We're here to help. Please follow the following guide lines to the extent possible when submitting a support ticket.

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Scout Documentation

The articles in this help center are updated and maintained by Scout. We create and update articles based on evolving features and feedback from our users. If you have any feedback please create a ticket to let us know.

Submit a Support Ticket

Before you submit

Prior to submitting a support request, please refer to our documentation and Q&A for answers to your questions.

If you cannot obtain an answer to your question in the documentation, please login to Scout and use the chat feature or email  to submit your question or issue.

We typically reply very quickly to live chat, but there are times when wait times can be longer. Please leave your email address when prompted and we will respond as soon as possible.

Please include the following information when submitting a support request: 

For Administrative Portal support please include:

  • Operating System

  • Browser (including version)

  • URL where you encountered an issue

  • A brief description of the issue

  • Steps to recreate your issue

  • Expected Result

  • Actual Result

Scout Mobile App Suite support please include:

  • Staff or Customer App

  • Phone Make and Model

  • Operating system (including version which can typically be found in Settings>About)

  • A brief description of the screen you were on when you encountered the issue

  • A brief description of the issue

  • Steps to recreate the issue

  • Expected Result

  • Actual Result

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