Navigate to the customer's profile by clicking the icon below in the left navigation.

Use customer profile menu to navigate to the "payment" area.

Add a payment method for the first time

1. If no payment method exists in the system, Click the "ADD PAYMENT METHOD" button.

2. Complete the on-screen form to add a payment method. For credit card enter the credit card number. For PayPal click the "PayPal" button and follow the additional on-screen instructions.


Update a Payment Method

1. Click the "More" Menu

2. Choose "Update Payment Method" from the menu

3. Click the "Change Payment Method" link.

4. Click the "Add Payment Method" link.

5. Enter a credit card number or click the "PayPal" button to add a PayPal account. 

6. Click the "Add new payment method" button.

7. Click the "SAVE PAYMENT METHOD" button to save.

Remove a Payment Method

1. Click on the "More" menu and select "Delete Payment Method" from the drop down menu.

2. Confirm you want to delete the customer's payment method by click the "DELETE PAYMENT METHOD" button.

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