How to Edit an Invoice

Learn how to make adjustments to open invoices.

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Navigate to the invoice via the customer's profile 

or the billing page.

Open the invoice you want to edit.

Remove a Line Item

To remove a line item click the red "X" next to the line item. 

Removing a primary service will remove all of the add-ons a surcharges associated with that service.

Add a New Line Item

To add a line item, click the "More Menu"

Select "Add Line Item

You have 2 Options

Option 1: Create a new top level or primary service by selecting "NO" and completing the on-screen form.

Option 2: Create a new add-on or surcharge by selecting "YES" and completing the onscreen form.

Click "ADD LINE ITEM" to add the new line item to the invoice.

Add a Memo

  1. Open the "More"menu and select "Add a Memo"

  2. Complete the on-screen form.

  3. Click the "SAVE MEMO" button

The memo will appear at the bottom of the customer's invoice.

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