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FAQ: Fully-branded Pet Parent App
FAQ: Fully-branded Pet Parent App

Get ready to wow pet parents with your very own pet sitting app 🤩. Fully brand the Scout for Pet Parents app with your own colors and logo.

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Transform Scout's Pet Parent app into YOUR very own and maintain YOUR brand identity throughout the entire pet parent experience. That means ZERO Scout branding.

Do I have to be a Scout customer to get my own fully-branded pet parent app?

Yes. The app will only work with the Scout platform so you must be a customer. If you aren't a Scout customer yet, click here to sign up.

Is there an additional fee or is it included with my Scout subscription?

Yes, there is an additional fee to get your own fully-branded pet parent app. This is not included with your Scout subscription.

How much does it cost?

The latest pricing can be found on our branded app page.

What's included in the price?

Scout will provide the following deliverables:

  • A splash screen with your logo and solid color background. (A splash screen is what your customer sees when the app is first opened.)

  • Mockups with your colors and logo showing you exactly what your app will look like.

  • Screenshots to be used in the app stores.

  • A template for your app store description. 

  • Publishing to the app store.

  • All updates to the Scout for Pet Parents app will also be applied to your fully-branded app.

Can I see an example?

Yes. Here is a video, and and you can use the links below to check out how your app will look in the app stores.

Will my clients need to create a new account to use the fully-branded app?

Nope! They can continue to use their existing login credentials.

Will my clients need to download the fully-branded app from the app store?

Yes. Your fully-branded app is a separate app from the Scout for Pet Parents app and has its own listing in the app store.

Will the existing Scout for Pet Parents app still work for my clients?

Yes! Clients that have the Scout app already downloaded will be able to continue to use it.

Why do you require a non-refundable deposit when paying monthly?

There's a lot of upfront work that goes into customizing your app, preparing app store assets, testing it, and finally deploying it to the app stores. Because you aren't billed until the app goes live, we need to ensure that if you were to cancel after the work was completed, we'd be fairly compensated for our efforts.

Can I make changes after the app has been published?

Yes, but there is a change fee of $75 / hr. Changes include design-related changes and app store updates.

Why is there a fee when I want to change something about my app?

Each time a change needs to be made to your app, it requires us to go through the entire customization and deployment process again. This includes making the changes to the app, rebuilding it, testing and then finally re-deploying it to each app store. This isn't automatic and takes a significant amount of manual effort.

Is there a cancellation fee?

There is no cancellation fee.

What do I need to provide to get started.

To get started you will to provide the following:

  • A high resolution (1200px +) version of your logo. A vector version of your logo is preferred but we also accept high-quality JPG and PNG.

  • A privacy policy added to your website. If you need help adding your privacy policy to your website, we'll do our best to assist. If you don't have a website, please contact us.  IMPORTANT: Scout does not provide legal advice. We recommend using an attorney to create your privacy policy. You can find privacy policy templates here. If you do use a template, we strongly encourage that you have a local attorney review it.

  • Descriptions to be used in the app stores.

Will I have a chance to review the app before it's live?

Yes. We will provide an accurate set of mockups so you can see how your app will look. In addition, you'll be able to test the app on your own device before it goes live.

I'm interested in signing up, what's next?

To get started you can simply message in using live chat (bottom right) or email 

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