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Automated Billing FAQ
Automated Billing FAQ

Answers to questions about Scout's Automated Billing.

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When are Invoices Generated?

Scout generates invoices for all customers at the beginning of you're billing period. As appointments are started in the app or manually from the administrative portal transactions are added to the invoice as line items.

You can choose a billing period of weekly, every 2 weeks, or every 4 weeks. In the following example, I'm going to use weekly billing.

Every billing period starts on a Monday at 12A (midnight) and ends on a Sunday at 11:59PM. When a service started, a transaction is created.

Every Monday invoices are placed in a review status. This allows you to do a final review of your invoices before the automated billing starts.

Can I review my invoices before they are sent?

You have all day Monday to review all the invoices. During the review period you can still edit the invoices and issue credits.

On Tuesdays "cash/check/other customers will be sent an invoice automatically. When you receive payment you can mark the invoice as paid. You can use the memo to add your additional information to the invoice. 

For credit card and PayPal customers, we bill the cards on Tuesday am automatically. If the transaction is successful, we automatically mark the invoice as paid and send a payment receipt. If the transaction fails, we send an email automatically to let them know then need to update their payment method.

What happens after the invoice is sent?

Credit Cards Customers

Upon successful payment, invoices are automatically marked as paid and a detailed payment receipt is sent. 

If there is an issue processing a payment method, a payment declined email is sent. 

You can re-attempt to apply payment manually or Scout will attempt to automatically process payment for the open invoice the following week.

Cash Customers

To learn how to enable cash, click here

On Tuesday morning, Scout will send an invoice to any customers who are authorized to pay cash. Upon receipt of payment, an administrator must open the invoice and manually apply payment. Once the invoice is marked as paid, a payment receipt will be sent to the customer.

Can I disable the Automated Billing feature?

Yes. You can choose to send emails and process payments manually. At the end of each billing cycle the period will remain open. No invoices will be sent and no electronic payments will be processed. You will need to manually send invoices and apply payments. If you have clients with an account or prepaid credit balance, those credits will be applied when you manually apply payments to the invoice.

To disable automated billing:

  1. Navigate to Settings > Billing > Preferences

  2. Select the radio button titled "Disabled".

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