Add a Pet Profile Photo

Adding a pet profile photo to the Scout for Pet Owners app helps pet sitters identify pets in multi-pet households.

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To start, make sure you have the most up to date version of the Scout for Pet Owners App (1.7.0+).

Add a Pet Profile Photo

Log into the app using your email address and password.

Use the menu in the upper left hand corner and navigate to the pets section of the app.

Select a pet from the list or add a new pet.

Tap the "+" button at the top of the pet profile.

Choose a method for uploading your pet profile. You can take a photo using the camera or upload an existing photo from your phone's photo gallery.

Select the photo you would like to use as a profile picture. Zoom and or move the image to fit within the guidelines.
Note: Your pet sitter will have access to the full frame photo.

Select "choose" to set your pet's profile photo.

Remove a Pet Profile Photo

To remove a profile image, tap the existing profile image and select "Remove Profile Picture"

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