Sending Invoices

Learn more about invoicing for customers using cash, check or other off-system payment methods.

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The following settings are for businesses that accept cash, check or other off system forms of payment.

Pet Owners who pay via electronic payment method are not sent invoices. They are sent a payment receipt after their payment method is successfully processed.ย 

For more information about billing and invoicing, click here.

Payment Terms

Businesses who accept cash, check or other off system forms of payment can add payment terms (due date) to their invoices.

Toggle on the payment terms switch and enter your payment terms.

Send Invoices & Receipts

If you do not wish to send invoices through Scout, you can turn off the invoice emails by toggling "Send Invoices and Receipts" to the off position.

* Note: Toggling off invoices and receipts only applies when using the "cash, check or other" payment method.

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