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Adding Additional Services
Adding Additional Services

Learn how to add additional services such as feeding or medication to Scout.

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Add-on Services

Add-on services are additional services performed along with one of your primary services such as feeding, plant watering or medication.

Navigate to business settings, click or tap on the gear symbol in the left sidebar or below.

Click on the "Add-ons" tab in the left settings navigation.

Predefined Add-ons

Scout provides the following predefined add-on services. 

  • Feeding

  • Medication

These services can be selected on a per pet basis when pet owners request or administrators create appointments. For convenience, the instructions related to these add-on services are available to the pet sitters from a link on the report card.

Custom Add-ons

The custom add-on option allows businesses to get creative with the additional services they want to offer. Some examples are treats, plant watering, poop scooping and mail pick-up.

Note: Water is automatically added as a non-required task to the report card and does not need to be included in this section.

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