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Adding Services

Learn how to set up your services in Scout.

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Primary Services

Primary services are your main service offerings, such as dog walks, daycare, boarding, or overnight pet sitting.

Navigate to business settings, click or tap on the gear symbol in the left sidebar or below.

Click on the Services > Primary link in the left-hand navigation.

To create a primary service, select "Create Service" in the upper right-hand corner of the Primary Services area.

Service Template

Begin creating a new primary service by selecting a template or creating your own custom service. Each template has a default name, photo-check in setting, and GPS setting. These settings can be changed at any time.

  • Walk: Photo check-in enabled; GPS tracking enabled

  • Visit: Photo-check in disabled; GPS tracking enabled 

  • Daycare: Photo-check in disabled; GPS tracking enabled

  • Custom: Create a custom service name and set your own photo-check in and GPS tracking options.

Once you've selected a template option, you'll be required to enter the following information:


The price of the service. Prices can be overridden on a customer-by-customer basis.


The duration of the service. This cannot be changed after it has been set.

Service Required?

Selecting this option will cause the pet sitter to receive a warning message when they haven't checked off the task on the pet's report card and attempt to check out. Please note that this is a warning only and the pet sitter can bypass it.

Hide Service from Customer

By default, services are visible and can be booked by customers. If you'd like to prevent a customer from booking a specific service or addon, turn on this option. Please note that it will still be visible to the customer on the report card and invoices.

Enable Photo Check-in

Enabling this setting will force staff members to take a photo of the pet(s) when checking into an appointment. This photo will be attached as part of the check-in email sent to customers when their service begins. The location of the check-in will also be captured and will be visible to administrators when viewing the completed appointment.

Note: Disabling photo check-in will prevent the check-in email or push notification from being sent to customers.

Enable GPS Tracking

Enabling this setting will turn on location tracking during the service. Location data captured during the appointment will be plotted on a map and sent as part of the check-out email sent to customers when their service has been completed.

Hide GPS Data from Customer

Enabling this option will hide the map in both the app and the email sent to the customer when their service has been completed.

Staff Pay Rate

If you pay staff hourly with no per service commission, you can bypass this option by selecting "Staff should not be paid for this service".

  • Fixed: staff are paid based on a fixed rate for each service.

  • Percentage: staff are paid based on a percentage of the fee charged to customers.

Note: The rates you set in this section are global, meaning they are the default rates for services and related staff payroll. You can override these settings in the staff and customer cards. You can find more information about overriding global prices for pet owners here and payroll rates here.

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