Customer Billing Information

Easily view a customers billing history and approve them to pay with cash or check.

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To get started, select "Customers" in the left sidebar menu or click the icon below. Then, click on the desired customer. 

Click "Payment" in the side navigation.

Enter Payment Information

To assist pet owners, administrators can enter a payment method.

Adding a Payment Method

If this is the first time a payment method is being entered for a customer, click the "Add Payment Method" button.

Fill in the fields provided and click "Save Payment Method."

Changing or Removing a Payment Method

If you're updating or removing an existing payment method, click the "More" menu. To update a payment method choose "Update Payment Method". To remove a payment method select "Delete Payment Method"

*Note: If you delete a payment method you or the pet parent will need to re-enter it. This cannot be undone.

Update Payment Method

After the payment method window opens, click the "change payment method" link.

Select a saved payment method or click "Add Payment Method."

Enter the new payment details in the fields provided.

Click add new payment method.

Allow Pet Owner to Pay Using Cash, Check or Other Payment Method

By default, Scout requires customers to have a payment method on file before using the Scout for Pet Owners Mobile App. 

Administrators can override the electronic payment method requirement on an individual account basis.

To override the electronic payment method requirement, toggle on the "Accept Cash, Check, etc." switch.

To learn how to override electronic billing for ALL customers and make your business Cash, Check or Other payment method only, click here

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