Custom Pricing and Discounts

Give a customer special pricing or a discount on services add-ons or surcharges.

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To set a custom price or discount for a customer, click the customer link in the side navigation or the icon below.

Select the customer whose pricing you want to modify by clicking on their line.

Select the "Services", "Addons" or "Surcharges" from the left navigation under the "Pricing and Discounts" heading.

You can override the default service, add-on and surcharge rates for a customer by setting a fixed rate or percentage discount.

To add a custom service rate, click add custom rate in the top right corner of each section.


Charges are calculated by applying a fixed fee or by applying a discounted rate (%) to the global service rate.

Your global service rate is $10 and you want to give a one dollar discount, you have two options.

Option 1: Fixed Rate
Select "Fixed" as the rate type
Enter a rate of $9

Option 2: Percentage Discount
Select "Percentage" as the rate
Enter a rate of 10 percent

  1. Choose the service you wish to override.

  2. Choose to apply a fixed service rate or a percentage discount.

  3. Add the desired rate or discount

Click "Add Rate" to save you setting.

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