Automated Billing

Save time and improve your cash flow. Set up Smart Charges and Integrate with Stripe for completely hands-free billing.

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Stripe Payments

Scout is integrated with Stripe for payments. You will need to create a new Stripe account through our Scout web app to use automated payments and then Scout facilitates the billing.

Electronic Payments

For companies that choose to set up an account with Stripe, Scout automates charging the pet owner's electronic payment method.

How it Works

On Tuesday morning, after your selected billing period ends, Scout transmits the invoice total for each pet owner to your Stripe account and your customer's electronic payment method is charged. 

If payment is successful, the invoice is automatically marked as "Paid" and the pet owner receives a payment receipt via email. The payment receipt contains the: 

  • Service date, 

  • Service, add-on and/or surcharge name, 

  • Service, add-on and/or surcharge price, 

  • Additional fees (optional), 

  • Credits or adjustments that were applied, 

  • Tax if applicable, and 

  • Total amount paid.

If payment is unsuccessful, the pet owner is sent an email to alert and the invoice is left open in the Scout system. 

Scout will attempt to automatically process payment the following week or you can manually process payment directly from the invoice.

When do I get Paid?

When you get paid depends on the type of payment method your customer is using. Through your Stripe account, you have full control over which payment methods you wish to allow.

Note: Your first Stripe payout typically takes 7 days. You can get this out of the way by running a $1 charge after you set up your account.

Disbursement Schedule

  • VISA, MasterCard and Discover Card: Funds are typically deposited to your bank account by Thursday.

  • American Express: Funds are typically deposited to your bank account by Saturday.

Can I disable the Automated Billing feature?

Yes. You can choose to send emails and process payments manually. At the end of each billing cycle the period will remain open. No invoices will be sent and no electronic payments will be processed. You will need to manually send invoices and apply payments. If you have clients with an account or prepaid credit balance, those credits will be applied when you manually apply payments to the invoice.

To disable automated billing:

  1. Navigate to Settings > Billing > Preferences

  2. Select the radio button titled "Disabled".

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