Our goal is to remove barriers that make giving gratuity inconvenient.  Let’s face it, a lot of people don’t carry cash, and most ATM’s only spit out $20’s, which might be excessive for certain services. 

To make giving more convenient, Scout includes a simple, unobtrusive call-to-action in the pet owner’s appointment summary email. If a pet owner wishes to tip their dog walker or pet sitter, they are presented with three pre-defined options based on the service price and the ability to enter a custom amount. The gratuity is automatically added to their invoice and reflected in the payroll report.

To enable the ability to leave gratuity:

Navigate to Settings > Billing and scroll down to the "Staff Gratuity" section. Simply toggle the switch to enable gratuity.

To add custom branding to the gratuity page:

Navigate to Settings > Business and scroll down to "Branding." From here, you can select a primary and secondary color. Check out the preview to see how your selections will show up to your customers when they choose to leave a tip.

To view gratuity left for your staff:

Navigate to Reports > Payroll. Choose the period for which you would like to pay staff. The gratuity amount is displayed both directly in the payroll summary and the payroll details for each staff member.

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