Select "Customers" in the left sidebar menu.

To add a new customer click the + button on the bottom right of the application.

To edit an existing customer profile, double click on an existing entry.

Customer Details

Enter all required * and relevant fields. When you're finished, click save in the upper right corner of the application.

In the profile tab, click update in the top right of the account details window to update relevant entry instructions. 

Keys and Lock Boxes and Account Notes

If you enter both a key number and a lockbox code, the Staff Mobile Application will only display the lockbox code for the pet sitter and exclude the key info from the daily key list.

Account notes are only visible to administrators.


To add a new pet, select the pets tab and click the + button on the bottom right of the application.

To edit a pet, click edit icon to the right of the existing pet's name.

Enter all required and relevant information and click save in the top right corner of the application.


Once a customer is created in the Administrative Console, a confirmation email is sent. Once the customer sets a password, they are instructed to set a password and  download the Customer Mobile App

Payment Information Required

Upon signing into the Customer Mobile App, new customers are prompted to enter their payment information before scheduling an appointment for the first time.

Admins can toggle an override to allow a customer to pay using cash/check/other or enter a customer's electronic billing information directly by clicking on the billing tab in the customer profile. Click "Update Payment Method" in the bottom right corner of the payment method window.

Custom Rates for Customers

You can override the default service, add-on, and surcharge rates at the customer level by setting a fixed rate or discount percentage.

To add a custom service rate click add custom rate in the top right corner of each section.


Charges are calculated by applying a fixed fee or by applying a discount rate (%) to the global service rate.

For example:

I your global service rate is $10 and you want to give a one dollar discount, you have two options.

Option 1: Fixed Rate
Select "Fixed" as the rate type
Enter a rate of $9.

Option 2: Percentage Discount
Select "Percentage" as the rate
Enter a rate of 10 percent.

Choose the service you wish to override.

Choose to apply a fixed service rate or a percentage discount.

Click "Add Rate" to save you setting.

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