Scout allows business owners to accept non-automated payment methods such as cash, check and unsupported payment processors. Throughout the rest of this article we will refer to cash, however, the options are as limitless as your imagination.

How it works

The decision to take cash, check or other forms of payment is placed solely in your hands. You can choose to accept cash ONLY, or accept a mix of cash and credit on a customer by customer basis.

Important Note: Setting a customer or business to accept alternate payment methods will override any credit card the customer has on file. To bill a customer by credit card you must remove the override.

I ONLY Accept Cash

  • Go to Settings > Billing

  • Toggle "Accept Cash, Check, etc." to the ON position

Enabling this setting will completely disable Scout's built-in credit card processing. You will be responsible for collecting all payments and ensuring that invoices are closed when receiving payment.

I Accept a Mix of Cash and Credit

  • Go to Customers

  • Select the Customer for which you'd like to accept cash, check or another payment method

  • Select the Billing tab

  • Toggle "Accept Cash, Check, etc." to the ON position

Enabling cash for a specific customer will only affect that customer. All other customer invoices will continue to be processed using Scout's built-in credit card processing.

Pet Owner Mobile App

By enabling cash globally or on a per-customer basis, the Pet Owner mobile app will allow the customer(s) to request appointments without a payment method on file.


For customers paying with cash, Scout will generate an invoice and send it to the customer automatically every Tuesday morning as a function of the normal billing process.

Invoices must be marked "paid" manually. We highly suggest you mark invoices as you receive payment. If you enable automated payments in the future, any unpaid invoices will be charged to the customers payment method automatically the following Tuesday morning.

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