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Sync Scout to your Personal Calendar
Sync Scout to your Personal Calendar

Scout allows pet sitters to sync appointments assigned to them to their personal calendar.

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Important Information Before You Get Started

  • PRIVACY! Do not share your unique Calendar URL with anyone you do not want to have access to your calendar.

  • Synced Calendars are Read Only. To make changes to your schedule, you will need to log in to Scout as an administrator or contact your companies admin to do it for you.

  • Scout has no control over how often your schedule syncs to 3rd party calendars. Some 3rd party calendar applications allow you to select how often they refresh, and some do not.

  • Shared calendars include Scout events for the past 1 month and the next 3 months only.

  • Scout uses the iCalendar format to share calendars. For more information about iCal format check out this article.

  • Due to character limitations, we cannot include pet names in the event name. Issues arise when there is more than one pet included in the appointment. Your appointments (events) will show up in your 3rd party calendar with a standard naming convention. "Pet Care: Human's Full Name".

  • The pet names are included in the notes section of the event.

  • The Customer's Address is included in the location section.

Calendar Sharing is compatible with most calendar apps including iCal, Google Calendar, Outlook and other popular email clients.

Getting Started

To start syncing your Scout schedule with your personal calendar: 

  1. Open the menu of the Scout for Dog Walkers App and select settings.

  2. Toggle on the option for Calendar Sharing

  3. Copy the link.

iPhone Users

iPhone users can sync Scout to most iOS calendar apps by creating a new calendar account in the IPhone's settings.

  1. Open the settings on your iPhone

  2. Scroll down and select "Passwords and Accounts" from the settings menu.

  3. Tap "Add Account"

  4. Tap "Other" from the list of supported account types.

  5. Choose "Add Subscribed Calendar"

  6. Paste the link you copied (see instructions above) into the "server" field and tap next.

  7. Tap Save.

  8. Open your calendar app.

** By default Scout has added a 30 Min Before Appointment Alert. If you do not want to receive alerts, toggle on "Remove Alarms" on after Step 6 above.

Android Users (Google Calendar)

Android users will need to sync the app directly with your Google Calendar, Outlook or other mail accounts. 

NOTE: Google Calendar will only sync with a non-Google Calendar subscription every 12 hours (minimum). Unfortunately, we have no control over this. We recommend using iCalSync, a 3rd party app, available in the Google Play Store, to sync your calendar more often.

  1. Email yourself the Scout calendar link you copied (above).

  2. Open Google Calendar from a desktop (or laptop) browser.

  3. Open the "Settings Menu" (It's the gear icon in the top navigation)

  4. From the settings menu, select "add calendar" in the left navigation.

  5. Select "From URL" from the submenu.

  6. Copy the Scout Calendar from the email you sent and paste it into the "URL of calendar" field.

  7. You can change the name and color of the Calendar by selecting it from "Settings for Other Calendars" in the side navigation.


Syncing to Other Calendar Applications

iCal (Desktop)

  1. Email yourself the Scout calendar link you copied (above).

  2. Select File > New Calendar Subscription from the menu.

  3. Paste in the linked calendar address from the email you sent yourself.

  4. Click "Subscribe" to confirm.

  5. Change any settings you would like to change. 

  6. By default we add an alert for 30 minutes before an appointment. If you would like to receive these alerts you will need to uncheck the "Remove Alerts" option.

  7. Set how often you would like iCal to check for updates to your schedule using the options from the "Auto Refresh" drop down.

  8. Click "Ok" to begin syncing your schedule.

  1. Email yourself the Scout calendar link you copied (above).

  2. At the bottom of the page, select the calendar icon.

  3. In the navigation pane, select Import calendar.

  4. Under Import calendar, select From web.

  5. Under Link to the calendar, paste in the URL for the linked calendar that you emailed yourself..

  6. Under Calendar name, type the name you want to use for the calendar.

  7. Select Import.

Microsoft Outlook Desktop Application

  1. Email yourself the Scout calendar link you copied (above).

  2. Right Click "Other Calendars" from the left side bar.

  3. Select "Add Calendar" from the right click menu.

  4. Select the option "From the Internet".

  5. In the popup dialogue box, paste in the web address you emailed to yourself and click "Ok". 

  6. A new popup will appear. Click "Yes" to subscribe to the calendar.

Yahoo Calendar

  1. Email yourself the Scout calendar link you copied (above).

  2. In Yahoo Mail, click the Calendar icon .

  3. On the left, mouse over "Others" and click the Manage Followed Calendars icon .

  4. Choose the "Follow Other Calendars" option

  5. Enter the shared calendar address you emailed yourself.

  6. Select a color for the calendar.

  7. Click Save or Continue.

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