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Add Your Own Photos to the Report Card
Add Your Own Photos to the Report Card

Scout allows you to attach photos from your phone's photo gallery to the report card.

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To add a photo from your phone's photo gallery:

Tap the photo button at the bottom right corner of the report card when a service is in-progress.

Select the option to "Upload from Gallery."

Select 1 or more photos from the gallery to include in the end of walk report card.

Known Issue on iOS Devices:

There is a known issue with the code library that powers this feature. This issues must be updated by the team that maintains this library. The bug is triggered in the following circumstances:

  1. Select a photo from the gallery

  2. De-select the photo so nothing is selected

  3. Select another photo

Result: The images appear zoomed in.
Temporary Fix: Exit the gallery and reopen it.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. We will post an update as soon as this issue is resolved.

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