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Reactivate an Account

We're excited to have you back. Follow these steps to reactivate your account.

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Reactivate an Account

To reactivate your account, open the account drop down menu by clicking your name located in the upper right-hand corner of any page.

Select the Billing option from the menu.

Select "Subscriptions" from the left navigation menu.

Click the "Reactivate Subscription" button in the upper right-hand corner of the screen.

Monthly Subscriptions

Scout bills customers in arrears. When you reactivate your account, Scout will issue an invoice and bill you for your usage on the first day of the month following your reactivation.

Note: Reactivated accounts are not prorated.


If you reactivate your account on January 10th, you will receive a bill on February 1st for any active users during the month of January.

Annual Subscriptions

If you reactivate your annual subscription(s) prior to the expiration date, you will still be able to use your annual subscriptions until they expire (365 days from activation). If you wish to continue with your annual plans after the expiration date, you will need to contact us to renew your annual plans. Otherwise, you will be automatically enrolled in a monthly plan.

What happens if I have monthly and annual plans?

If you reactivate your account, you will not incur fees unless you have more active staff than annual plans. If you go over your annual plans, new monthly subscriptions will be created. When your annual plans expire, you will need to sign up for new annual plans. Otherwise, your account will default back to monthly billing only.

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