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Pricing FAQ

Have questions about our pricing? Here are some answers to frequently asked questions.

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How much does it cost to use Scout?

Please view the latest pricing on our pricing page.

Note: You'll always be charged for 1 staff member. You'll only be charged for additional staff members if they're considered active.

When will I receive an invoice?

Scout bills are in arrears. Monthly plans are billed on the last payment that has been made every month for the previous month's usage.

What is an active staff member?

An active staff member is any staff member who has an appointment assigned to them within Scout during the month.

Can I save any money by pre-paying for a staff member?

Yes. If you pre-pay for an annual plan, you'll save 17% per year, per staff member compared to paying monthly. This can really add up as your company grows! 

Annual plans renew one year from the date on which they were purchased.

Can I pre-pay for annual plans for some staff and pay monthly for others?

Absolutely! We understand that you may want to take advantage of the annual savings, but you may also have staff that isn't full-time or may be seasonal. For this reason, you can purchase annual plans for the number of staff you know you will have for the year and pay monthly for the rest.

What if I've signed up for an annual plan for a staff member and they leave?

While we don't offer refunds for annual plans, your annual plan can be used for another staff member.

Can I get a refund if I've purchased an annual plan and cancel my Scout subscription?
Unfortunately, we don't offer refunds on annual plans.

Are there any contracts?

No contracts. Cancel anytime!


Pricing Examples:

IMPORTANT: these are just examples. Please view the latest pricing on our pricing page.


  • 1 Staff Member
    Monthly bill: $39.00

  • 3 Staff Members
    Monthly bill: $75.00 ($39 + $18 + 18)

Annual Plan

  • 1 Staff Member
    Annual bill: $390

  • 3 Staff Members
    Annual bill: $750 ($390 + $180 + 180)

Monthly + Annual Plan

  • 1 Staff Member (1 annual plan)
    Annual bill: $390
    Monthly bill: $0.00

  • 3 Staff Members (1 annual plan)
    Annual bill: $750
    Monthly bill: $62.5 ($32.5 + $15 + $15)


Will you still donate to charity?

Yes. We will still donate a portion of our revenue to charity. We are and have always been committed to giving back to the community and helping animals have better lives. We remain committed to this goal.

What happens if my payment fails?

Failed payments will be retried between 7 and 14 days after the first failed payment. If the second retry fails, the business’ account will automatically be disabled. An account can be reactivated by logging into Scout and making a payment to cover the balance.

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