From time to time you may want to remove a customers payment method from Scout.

  1. Scout does not store credit cards. When you log into the app, what your seeing is just a visual representation of a stored credit card. There is no actual data stored on Scout, but if you would like the "token" removed from Scout, you can message in to support or email
  2. All of the credit card data is stored by Braintree Payments . The following instructions are for removing the customers credit card from the Braintree Payments System. If you need further assistance from Braintree you can call them at 855-489-0345.

To begin, log in at

Click Vault in the left navigation.

Select Last name from the drop down list.

Un Check this box

Click Search.

Click the "ID" number for the customer

You can either delete the whole customer or

Scroll down to payment methods, click the "token" id  for the card you want to delete

Click the delete button. 

Repeat for each card on file.

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