Making changes to invoices.

24 Hour Review Period

Administrators have a 24 hour review period in which they can make updates to draft invoices. During this review period, administrators can issue credits, make adjustments and add memos to invoices.

Invoice Credits (-) and Adjustments (+)

During the review period Scout allows administrators to issue "credits", which reduce the amount owed, or adjustments, which increase the amount owed.

To issue a credit or adjustment:

  • Open a customer's invoice.
  • Select the "More" button in the top right corner of the invoice to expose additional invoice options.
  • Select either Credit ( - ) or Adjustment ( + ).
  • Select the appointment you wish the credit or adjustment to be applied to, enter the amount of the credit or adjustment and enter a description so your client knows why it was added.

That's it! Each credit or adjustment you issue will show up as a new line item on your customer's invoice.

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