How much does it cost to use Scout?

Scout charges $0.20 per completed appointment.

Who pays Scout's fees?

By default, your business is responsible for our fees. If you'd like to pass our fees on to your customers, see below.

What's the fee for credit card transactions?

We've partnered with Braintree Payments for payment processing. At the time of writing, Braintree charges a flat fee of 2.9% + .30 per transaction. For Braintree's latest rates, please visit their pricing page.

Can I pass fees along to my customers?

Yes! To enable this option:

  • Go to Settings > Billing and scroll down to Pass Through Fees
  • Toggle to On
  • Choose to include fees in your service price or display fees as a separate line item.

If you choose to pass our fees along to your customers, there are options for whether or not you'd like to display our fees on their invoice. You can include the fee in your service price or have a separate invoice line item that details our fees.

Include fee in service price:

Example: the fee for a primary service called "Dog Walk" is set at $10.00. Enabling this feature will increase the price of a "Dog Walk" by $0.20 to $10.20 and remove the technology fee line item from the invoice.

Display fees as a separate line item:

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