✉️ Email Notifications

The + symbol means this alert can be toggled on and off.
The ^ symbol means you can set a time threshold

Email's Sent to Admins:

Customer Appointment Notes
Team Appointment Notes
Late Appointment Report + ^
Appointment Request + ^
Cancelation + ^
Birthday Alert +
Daily Backup File (weekly reminder)
Billing Summary
Scout Technology Fee Summary
Scout Technology Fee payment receipt
Scout Technology Fee payment declined notice

Email's Sent to Pet Sitting Customers:


Walk Started
Walk Ended

Appointment Created
Appointment Canceled


Invoices (for cash/check/other customers) +
Payment receipts +
Payment declined notice

📱 Mobile Push Notifications

Time changes occurring within 24 hours,
Cancelations occurring within 24 hours,
Additions occurring within 24 hours,
Late Alert based on custom business setting.
10 Minute appointment end alert
Appointment end alert

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