International Beta

We are excited to make Scout available to an international community of business owners, pet sitters and pet owners. We value your feedback. If we've overlooked any cultural norms, like how address are labeled or currency is displayed, don't hesitate to let us know.

What does Beta mean?

While most of the features available in Scout will be operational, there are a few details that we will still need to address. There may also be bugs that pop up from time to time. Just let us know when something comes up, and we'll address it. More on that later.

Pricing and Currency

Scout charges a 20 cent (USD) fee per completed appointment. 

We charge our fees in USD. As a result our fees may fluctuate in your local currency due to the exchange rate. Fees are paid by the business.

The invoices and billing receipts we send to pet owners on your behalf are in YOUR local currency with your currency symbol.

For now, the Scout for Pet Owners Mobile app will only display the $ symbol when giving an estimate in the appointment detail. The number is in YOUR currency. We are addressing this issue.

Disabled Features

Certain features are not available outside of the US at this time.

Passthrough Fees

The ability to pass our fees along to pet owners as an additional fee on their invoice will not be available internationally at this time.

Automated Billing

We do not have payment processing enabled for international companies at this time. All businesses are set to Cash/Check/Other. You will be able to send an automated invoice from Scout.

This is an area where we really need your feedback. Let us know what electronic payment methods you accept and what is typical for your country. Once we have more information, we'll be able to work on making this feature available.


At this time, we do not have international address support for our lead generation form. If you're interested in adding our Leads form to your website, make sure to let us know!

Timezone Stuff

Invoices are generated at roughly 1AM Eastern Standard Time (EST). All appointments either completed or in progress at that time will be included in the newly ended period's invoice.

All updates are performed late at night in the EST time zone. From time to time, you may experience a short interruption in service during the middle of your day. As we grow internationally, we will address this issue.

Customer Support

Now, about those bugs that may pop up... 

Scout is rated "Awesome 😍 " in customer service by our US business owners. We hope to provide our international users with the same level of service. 

We do sleep 💤  , but only sometimes. When this happens there may be a delayed response. We'll respond to your messages as soon as possible.

If you ever need help, just use the little chat icon in the bottom right of your screen when you're logged in or on our website. You can also respond to this email or use

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