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I get an authentication error when trying to sign in

This is the most common issue we hear about. We take security very seriously, and sometimes it can be inconvenient. We are always working to improve the user experience in this area. Here are some problems that can cause this issue:

Typos in your email address and/or password

Try deleting and re-typing both your email address and password from scratch. This is the most common issue we hear about.

Incorrect password

If you've tried all of the passwords you can think of, the easiest way to regain access to your account is to reset your password. Learn how to reset your password

Still not working? We've got your back! Live support is available by clicking on the message icon in the bottom right corner of the page. We are typically available from 7:00AM - 10PM EST, but in reality, if we're awake, you can reach us!

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